Struggling with addiction and your family?
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(720) 541-6289

Struggling with addiction and your family?
Book a Telehealth Appointment: (720) 541-6289

Is your family struggling with addiction now? We can help.

We can help you with your issues and problems in individual, family and couples counseling.

What do you do when your kid's addiction is out of control? Chronic Hope: Parenting the Addicted Child

By Kevin Petersen, LMFT

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Every family and individual has a variety of issues. Petersen Family Counseling seeks to improve the lives of patients and their relationships with family members through family case management and professional therapy treatment. With offices in Denver and Jacksonville, and telehealth options, Petersen Family Counseling helps family systems across the country heal from within.

From family case management to addiction therapy, Petersen Family Counseling can help.
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Meet the Owner
Kevin Petersen, MA, LMFT

Kevin is a California native with an undergraduate degree in Social Sciences from the University of Southern California. After graduation, he moved to Denver, Colorado in 1995. In 2008, after a successful career in marketing and sales, he enrolled at Regis University for a Master of Marriage and Family Therapy degree. He graduated in 2011 as part of the first class to graduate from their program.