Addiction, divorce, and mental illness can all adversely affect the family system. On your own, it may be difficult to repair bonds and restabilize relationships. Luckily, Petersen Family Counseling offers comprehensive therapy to facilitate communication within the family and restore a healthy environment. Learn about Petersen Family Counseling and how we can help you.

About Petersen Family Counseling

Petersen Family Counseling is a Denver-based team of professional therapists who specialize in helping families overcome difficult scenarios or circumstances. The key thing about Petersen Family Counseling is that we focus on the entire family. When one person in a family is struggling, it affects everyone in the system.

At our practice, we want everyone to understand the issues affecting them and how they can work to overcome them. Furthermore, with our help, families can return to productive, stable, and happy lives.

What Is Family Counseling?

When families go through hard times, communication can fall apart. Members of the family may begin getting defensive, secretive, or even aggressive. These situations can also build barriers between family members that are difficult to overcome. Family counseling helps break down these barriers, open communication, and develop healthy solutions to the problems the family faces.

For example, when someone in a family develops an addiction, it can adversely affect their relationship with the rest of the family. A person with an addiction may also become defensive when confronted about their substance abuse, especially if the family doesn’t handle it correctly. Professional counselors at Petersen Family Counseling can facilitate these conversations and offer information about drug rehab facilities.

On the other hand, families may not even realize they have unhealthy relationships. In the case of codependency, our team of professionals can help identify codependent relationships within a family and how they can work to make them healthier.

How We Help

There are a number of things about Petersen Family Counseling that can benefit struggling families. Firstly, our therapists are all licensed marriage and family counselors who specialize in various aspects of family counseling. Some of the types of family counseling services we offer include:

For those struggling with substance abuse who require addiction therapy services, we also offer:

When you work with our therapists, you identify the issues your family faces and what type of services you need to overcome them. As you learn about Petersen Family Counseling, you’ll also find out what services will best benefit your family.

Begin Healing Today

Finally, addiction and codependency are family diseases. Addressing just one person in the family won’t solve the problem. If your family is falling due to stressful circumstances, then it’s time to get help from Petersen Family Counseling.

To learn more about Petersen Family Counseling and the services we offer, call us today at 720.541.6289. Don’t let your family fall apart and reach out today.