Struggling with addiction and your family?
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Struggling with addiction and your family?
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Counseling Services

Counseling Services

When a family faces hard times, it can be difficult to identify problems and stressors from within. Professional family counseling services work with you to identify what’s straining your family and solutions for how you can resolve these problems. At Petersen Family Counseling, there are many types of therapy services that we can use to help you and your family begin healing.

Types of Colorado Family Counseling Services

Choosing family counseling services can be difficult if you don’t know what kind of services you need. At Petersen Family Counseling, you and your family will work with a staff of trained professional therapists who are adept at identifying what stressors affect your family. From there, they will also guide you toward a counseling service that works best for you.

The Colorado family counseling services that Petersen Family Counseling offers include:

Families might even benefit from a combination of counseling services depending on their circumstances and family dynamics.

Family Systems and Addiction

Contrary to popular belief, addiction is a family disease. It affects both the person struggling with addiction and those around them. Unfortunately, without proper guidance, addiction can tear a family apart. Those with addictions tend to push loved ones away, but they also need their loved ones to help them find treatment and begin recovery.

If someone you love needs help from a qualified addiction treatment center, but you don’t know where to begin, then Petersen Family Counseling can help guide you toward the answer. Our professionals provide consulting for addiction treatment and help you find a program and facility that best suits your family’s needs.

Repairing Relationships

Families and relationships are ongoing narratives. Things won’t always be perfect, but they don’t have to fall apart because they’re not going well. In family, couple, and marital counseling at Petersen Family Counseling, our therapists help individuals identify problems they have within their relationships and develop solutions for solving these problems.

Many circumstances can put stress on a family or intimate relationship. Money, parental duties, lack of intimacy, and mistrust can all cause tension. Furthermore, facilitating better communication through counseling services can often help create the bridge you need to solve problems with your loved ones and return to a healthier, happier, and more stable relationship.

Reconnect Through Petersen Family Counseling

At Petersen Family Counseling, our goal is to get you on a path to recovery with your loved ones. Whether your family struggles with codependency, mistrust, or addiction, we’re ready to help you take your first steps. With us, you can finally begin working toward a healthier family system.

Don’t wait another day. Reach out to the professionals at Petersen Family Counseling today at 720.541.6289 to learn more about our Colorado family counseling services.