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Struggling with addiction and your family?
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(720) 541-6289

Struggling with addiction and your family?
Book a Telehealth Appointment: (720) 541-6289

Family, Couple, Marital Counseling

Family, Couple, Marital Counseling

Certain conflicts within family and marital relationships are inevitable and can be challenging to navigate. Without proper communication or problem-solving skills, those problems may drive loved ones apart. For certain families, a family marriage counseling program is ideal to create stability within the home. At Petersen Family Counseling, trained professionals practice proven therapy techniques to help families begin healing.

Why Choose a Family Marriage Counseling Program?

Many individuals benefit from an improved family dynamic because they experience mental and emotional support. However, some people are unable to create and maintain positive relationships with their spouse or family members. For some families, it can be challenging to resolve issues without help from a professional counselor. For that reason, many people choose to undergo a family marriage counseling program.

The family is a crucial part of a person’s life. Hence why problems between parents, siblings, and spouses can affect an individual’s daily life outside of the home. A certified therapist or counselor can identify the issues that families face and facilitate the healing process. Some therapies can address issues of infidelity, divorce, finances, substance abuse, or parenting. Therefore, no matter what you and your family are going through, there’s a program to help.

Family Counseling Techniques

Trained professionals at Peterson Family Counseling determine the best treatment for patients by identifying major stressors and patterns of behaviors. Therapists may use client-centered therapy techniques that increase a patient’s capacity for emotional honesty. Through this humanistic approach, patients improve their listening and speaking skills.

Counselors may also opt to use behavior-oriented therapy that focuses on problem-solving in addition to systems-oriented techniques. By observing and recognizing toxic patterns, patients begin to correct those behaviors in order to enable positive interactions. Additionally, therapists coach patients to form new, mutually-reinforcing actions and patterns.

Benefits of a Family Marriage Counseling Program

Even though many people may feel discouraged to seek professional help to deal with their problems, therapy provides long-lasting recovery. Patients who undergo family marriage counseling experience many benefits, including:

  • Improved communication skills
  • Greater empathy for others
  • Controlled anger management
  • Established trust among family members
  • Enabled forgiveness

As well as an improved family dynamic, patients experience improved relationships outside of the home. Patients build skills that are valuable for all types of relationships, such as capacity for emotional honesty, understanding, and acceptance.

Begin Healing with Loved Ones at Petersen Family Counseling

The Chronic Hope Instituteemploys licensed experts in psychology, psychiatry, and counseling to provide the most meaningful family marriage counseling experience. For that reason, people who might be struggling with family and marital conflicts shouldn’t hesitate to find help.

In addition to our family marriage counseling program, The Chronic Hope Instituteoffers other family counseling services, including:

If you need help restabilizing and rebuilding your family system, then it’s time to get the support of Petersen Family Counseling. Reach out for a family consultation by calling 720.541.6289.